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The Rules

Post  Wesley on Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:01 am

This page is still under construction

Hello there. We recommend you to read the rules of RuneScape to. Very Happy
Click Arrow to go to the Rules Page from RuneScape.

Sleep Already asleep before reading the rules... Sleep
Cool not if you make it short & exciting! Cool

Moderators: If you tooked action, banned someone from the forum, please let everyone else from the Moderators know & the Admin, so the Admin can put it on the front page (home) and the people knows if they should report or not. Also, you don't always have to ask permission to take any action for someone, only if you don't really know wich punishment you have to give for the one breaking the rules. The best thing you can do is contact the Admin so he knows about it.

If you think someone broke the rules, you can report them or send an email to or another moderator and we'll contact the Admin. Then we'll take further action. You will also notify that on every Rule (except Rule 5), is an example of the the Report and that there is always an: <Please give the url>, for Rule 4 Spamming. It has to be the same like the others:
< > Thank you.

Rule 1 Offensive Language: Keep a nice language, don't go further on annoying people...
You may not annoy people, don't use racism. Please don't post the same thing twice or more. We are verry well pleased that you don't use sexual words or nicknames or something else that is an offensive language. We are not going to censor words or most of the nicknames. This is also easier for us to make sure you are using an bad name/word.
Make sure, even if you didn't ment to use an offensive language, or it was your friend and you "supposed to may tell it to him" we won't accept the excuse! Think Twice, move your mouse 10 times around before posting it. Only thing to do about this (if banned or NOT banned) you can let the friend send an e-mail to a Moderator or Admin with the permission that "nick + mail" may say "all the words" to them.
Moderators: If someone does this, let everybody from the Moderators know, plus the Admin so the Admin can post on the front: "Nick can call Nick: such a offensive word" So we know that we don't have to take action on the one or that people doesn't must report the one.
Example Report: "Nick" says: "Fuck Niggah, your right about that!" <Please give the url>

Rule 2 Scamming: Don't try to scam people. Do not ask for passwords, do not say you have a cheat or anything else to make fast RuneScape money, etc... Make sure you don't make your prices to high, people like to sell high, but not buy high. For example: You buy an addy pickaxe for 32k and you find out its only 3,2k (3200gp), you'll feel a little... scammed? Believe me, someone did that to me...NOTE: You will not get banned for making your prices high or extremely high. So people, don't report this. Moderators: do not ban these people.
Example Report: "Nick" says: "I have a special cheat" <Please give the url>

Rule 3 Real World: Be carefull for whats going on in the Real World. If anyone wanna meet you and you think you know him for about "1 - 3+" years or think you know the person verry well and you wanted to meet him once, we have to say: DON'T MEET! Who knows who's behind the other computer. "Oh but I saw him on webcam" And? If anyone says he wants to meet you, report them please. If someone wants to buy a RuneScape account in real money or stuff in real money, please don't accept this. Report again.
Example Report: "Nick" wants to meet me. <Please give the url>

Rule 4 Spamming: Please don't advertise an site. Or don't say people MUST go to the site.
Example Report:"Nick" says: <Please give the url>
Example Report 2:"Nick" says: "You don't know where it is? Just click here and you'll get to your destination" <Please give the url>

Rule 5 Misuse: The misuse of any rule is extremely against the rules, wich is... You misused an rule, so you broke 2 rules. That stands for an hard punishment. But, you are attempt to break a rule. Only when the Admin says it. How to contact the mod? Verry simpel, you can send an message to him (search) or simply sending an e-mail to with permission that you MAY or MAY NOT break one of the following rule.
Example: You send an email: "Yo admin, I'm 'Nick' wanted to spam all over around the website: am I possible to do this?"
He probably says "No" or "Sure" OR he'll make a deal with you (this has nothing to do like "gimme 5$, 5 or something and i'll put the site on the front"), no he'll maybe ask you if putting on the front of the forum, if thats okay for "you"...

Rule 6 Report: I already told you how to report someone. Search for any Moderator or Admin and send a message to us, or contact us at e-mail, you can contact me on or the Admin on and we'll take actions for it.
Now we are going to look at the example from
Rule 5 Misuse. If misuse the Report, you can get banned to.
MAXIMUM of the reports from the same guy, same url (if not sure you sended to us) is 2 times. If you sended 3 times, you will get a warning from us. If you keep reporting them like 5 times in a row, same guy + url, you are misusing this Report and you can get banned.
If reporting someone you just don't like and didn't do anything wrong, you are misusing the Report again! It is possible to report the same guy with different urls. If someone broke a rule at 5 places and you see this. You are allowed to report it.
Example: "Nick" did this wrong, that wrong at "place1, place2,...."
Back to Rule 3 Real World. If someone asked you out to meet and you DID or DIDN'T reported this one (we give you time for 20-31+ days...) and he asked you out on your post, you can get banned from the forum to (this works the same as real world money buying/selling, only if they wanted to buy or sell to YOU!). This doesn't work for other rules.
Example Report Rule:How you know someone already been reported for this?On the front of the forum "Home" we'll put: Actions tooked on: "Nick" Places: "Post 1" "Post 2" "Post 3", "Another one" Places: "Post 50" "Post 7"... These "Post" will probably be the name of the place OR the url... So if you find out someone breaking a rule and the post/url doesn't stands there, you are able to send it. If it already stands there, you don't need to report the one, but for safety you are possible to do this.

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